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Patriots star Rob Gronkowski still in game after hobbling off field following low hit

Rob Gronkowski, Patriots

Earlier in “the big game,” Rob Gronkowski was seen limping off the field after he received a low hit, but it seems as though he’s returned.

According to NBC Sports, the third-down play preceding the 42-yard field goal by Stephen Gostkowski was responsible for the hit to the Gronk. The pitch and catch from Brady to Gronkowski resulted in Gronkowski trying to fight for a first down.

Along the way, however, he got hit with a low blow, which forced him to limp off the field.

Many were afraid that Rob Gronkowski wouldn’t be returning to the field to finish playing in the Super Bowl. However, it was only a minor injury. After being briefly checked by trainers, Gronkowski rejoined the offense, planning for the next drive.

According to some rumors, however, the Patriots are blaming Alex Guerrero for the Gronk’s recent injury.

Gronkowski, who previously battled a bulging disc and tendonitis last year, reportedly practices the TB12 method pushed by Guerrero, and that has reportedly made him “not as strong, not as fast and less explosive” than normal.

“Internally, the Patriots feel like Gronkowski brought some of this on himself. During the offseason, when he reported, he came in not as strong, not as fast, and not as explosive and while he had a very good first game against the Houston Texas, then all of sudden the injuries popped up: to the ankle, to the Achilles, to the back. The Patriots feel as though if he had done it their way, as opposed to the TB12 way, which Gronk is devoted to, maybe things would have been different.”

Rob Gronkowski is reportedly going to consider retirement after this year.