Patriots news: Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl LI ring goes for $1.025 million in auction
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Patriots’ Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl LI ring goes for $1.025 million in auction

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New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl LI ring has been sold for $1.025 million in the All-In Challenge auction. Over a week ago, the bid went up to $1.025 million. It’s unclear who the winning bidder on the ring is, but there was speculation that Kraft might try to win the auction to keep the ring.

All money raised from the auction is going to a very good cause. According to the All-In Challenge website, the goal is to be the largest online fundraiser ever, to help get people meals who don’t have them through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The ALL IN Challenge aims to be the world’s largest digital fundraiser in history by raising tens of millions of dollars to feed those in need. Food insecurity is a mounting issue but never more important than during COVID-19 and the unprecedented shortage of food resources our nation is facing. Among those most in need: students who rely on currently closed schools for several of their meals each week; the newly unemployed who are facing uncertain circumstances; and a vulnerable elderly population sequestered in their homes without access to food.”

For the winner of this auction, they are getting a ring from one of the most exciting games in NFL history. After falling behind 28-3 to the Atlanta Falcons, the Patriots came storming back to claim the title.

For Kraft, this isn’t the first Super Bowl ring that he has given away. On a business trip to Russia, Kraft showed a Super Bowl ring to Vladimir Putin, who never gave it back.