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Shannon Sharpe says Colts’ QB Andrew Luck has had a better year than Patriots’ star Tom Brady

Shannon Sharpe, Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, Colts, Patriots

Hall of Fame tight end and Fox Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe is known for his dislike of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, but on Wednesday, he raised some hairs when he said that Indianapolis Colts signal-caller Andrew Luck has had a better season than the five-time Super Bowl winner.

Normally, Brady would be head and shoulders above Luck (and most other quarterbacks in the league), but this season, Sharpe may actually have a point.

Brady has not had one of his typical seasons, throwing for 3,979 yards, 24 touchdowns, and nine interceptions while completing 65.9 percent of his passes and posting a passer rating of 97.6.

Those are hardly bad numbers, but they are a far cry from the league-leading 4,577 yards and 32 touchdowns he threw for last year.

As for Luck? He has had a very impressive season in his return from a persistent shoulder issue that cost him the entire 2017-18 campaign, throwing for 3,951 yards, 34 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions, completing 67.3 percent of his passes and recording a passer rating of 98.4.

As you can see, the stat-lines are very close, so picking between the two of them this year is really like splitting hairs.

Remember: this is not a debate between who has been better over the course of their careers, because that answer is obvious. This is about who has been better this year, and if someone says Luck, it is hard to fault them.

Brady’s Patriots are currently 9-5 and can clinch the AFC East division crown with a win over the Buffalo Bills this weekend.

Meanwhile, Luck’s Colts own a record of 8-6 and are in the AFC Wild Card race. However, they will need some help to get into the playoffs.