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Tom Brady deflects question on state of Patriots offense

tom brady

The New England Patriots managed to keep their winning streak alive by beating the New York Giants, 35-14. However, there’s more to the narrative than what the final score presents as questions keep surfacing after each Patriot win.

Ben Violin and the press talked to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady after their win against the Giants. However, there was one resounding question echoing through the room: does the Patriots offense have what it takes to give Tom Brady with another Super Bowl?

Brady’s response to the question lets fans know everything they need to know.

The fact that the winningest QB in NFL history wasn’t able to answer the question says a lot about the state of the offense the Patriots are currently in. He himself is not sure if this team has what it takes.

What probably made him answer in such a hesitant manner is his own performance. While his throwing numbers met the expected standards at 334 passing yards, he didn’t manage to convert a single passing touchdown. He had to work his way into the end zone twice to give the Pats the lead.

Moreover, this is the latest game where the Pats defense managed to bail them out. Mike Reiss pointed out that it was the defense that played like defending Super Bowl champions while the offense was stumbling in the dark.

It’s going to be a long season for the Patriots if they don’t manage to sort out the problems bothering their team at the moment. If they don’t sort out their problems in time, they might not even be able to return to the Super Bowl in 2020.