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Patriots QB Tom Brady reacts to Charles Woodson asking if he fumbled on the tuck rule play

Tom Brady, Patriots, Raiders, Charles Woodson

The tuck rule. It makes Oakland Raiders fans cringe. Nothing will erase the memory of that 2001 divisional matchup between the Raiders and the New England Patriots. Retired Raider Charles Woodson certainly hasn’t forgotten, and he let Tom Brady know. Woodson sat down with Brady and directly asked him about the infamous fumble-turned-incompletion.

“That was pretty awkward.” Yes, it was, Charles Woodson, yes it was. But Brady’s silence tells fans everything they need to know about the play. The entire NFL and all of its fans knew that Brady lost that football. The blown call went on to change NFL history forever, as it sparked the legendary Patriots dynasty. If the call is correct, who knows what happens?

While Raiders fans and former players love to pore over that moment, there’s no use in it now. What matters is how the Raiders moved on from that heartbreaking missed call. The next season, Oakland made it to the Super Bowl but were destroyed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Ever since then, it’s been rough for the Raiders. A single playoff berth in 2016 is the only bright spot.

On the other hand, it’s been nothing but dominance for the Patriots since 2001. That was the year of Tom Brady’s first Super Bowl victory, and the start of many more. Brady and head coach Bill Belichick have racked up a ridiculous six championships in their time together, and look like a prime contender for number seven this season.