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Tom Brady says body feeling ‘really good’ through nine games

The one thing many seem to forget when discussing Tom Brady is that he is 41 years old which is considered extremely old in the NFL, especially for a quarterback playing at as high of a level as he is.

Brady was asked by Jim Gray of Westwood One Sports, how he is feeling through nine games and Brady said he is feeling really good.

“You know what, I’m actually feeling really good,” Brady replied, giving credit to trainer/body coach Alex Guerrero. “We work so hard over the course of the year to prepare my body. And I have such an efficient process. And this time of year I feel like my body’s actually broken in, so to speak, to football season. It’s doing what I’m asking it to do. So, I’ve been able to practice every single day this year, I feel like I just am sharp at practice. My mind’s sharp, my body’s sharp, and I really want to be prepared these last seven weeks of the season to be my best that I’ve had all season. I think we’re going in that direction.”

Brady has really made his body a focus the last few years trying to eat better and putting in extra time with Guerrero and it has shown on the field. He has thrown for 2,494 yards and 17 touchdowns. He has also thrown seven interceptions which is a bit high historically for him but he has still led the team to a 7-2 record.

Brady has tried to put off the retirement talk and for good reason, if he can continue to keep his body in this good of shape he still has at least a few years left in him.