Patriots news: Tom Brady speaks out on clock stopping with 1 second left vs. Cowboys
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Patriots’ Tom Brady speaks out on clock stopping with 1 second left vs. Cowboys

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The New England Patriots and Tom Brady squared off with the Dallas Cowboys in Week 12. To the surprise of no one, the game came right down to the wire.

The final score: Patriots, 13-9. However, the Cowboys got the ball back with just over two minutes left in the game.

Dallas did nothing with the drive and quickly the ball was back in the hands of New England. The Patriots then ran the clock out, or at least they thought they did.

Their last play of the drive was an incompletion that ran the clock down to one second. It ended up not hurting them, as the Cowboys only gained 13 yards with that one second, obviously not scoring.

That being said, it gave Dallas a chance. And it wasn’t exactly a non-controversial play. Many feel like the clock stopped with one second left on the clock, but the ball still in play.

After the game, New England’s superstar quarterback, Tom Brady, was asked about the entire situation.

This is something that quite a few people have been saying for a long time. They feel like the Patriots get more favorable calls than any other team, simply because they are the Patriots.

Brady wants them to look at this play to dispute that.

Of course, you could argue that the tripping calls were controversial as well. Those favored New England.

What this really shows is something simple. The refs are human. They are human and they aren’t giving a team extra calls because it’s “good for the NFL” or “they want them to win” or whatever conspiracy theory people love to play with when complaining about calls.

This was a bad call that went against the Patriots. They had bad calls go for them too though. That’s the way of the world.