Patriots news: Tom Brady 'treasures' achieving new feat never completed in NFL history
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Patriots QB Tom Brady ‘treasures’ achieving new feat never completed in NFL history

Tom Brady, Patriots

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are coming off yet another Super Bowl win, but the legendary quarterback isn’t satisfied. The 42-year-old is back for another year under center, and he’s on the verge of accomplishing something unprecedented.

If Brady can make it through the entire year without missing a game, he’ll become the first quarterback ever to start 16 games at the age of 42. When asked about that potential feat Wednesday, Brady expressed his gratitude for the game.

“I love being available to the team. I think that’s been something that I feel like is very important for my job. I can’t help the team if I’m not out there. I work pretty hard to make sure that I am. A lot of that prep comes in advance; that’s been well documented over the years,” Brady said, via Mike Reiss of

“I think one thing I’ve gained over many years is appreciation for doing things I love to do. And how fortunate I am to have found a profession; I love the little nuances to the position, nuances to the sport, to the scheme. The chess match between offenses and defenses.”

The first part of Brady’s answer was nothing out of the ordinary, but then the Michigan product took a detour and acknowledged how rare what he is doing is.

“So many great players have played this game and to still be doing it is something I treasure,” he said. “I love being quarterback for this team. Hopefully I can stay healthy. There are a lot of things that go into that. You take some pretty tough hits, as many people do over the course fo the season.”

Outside of the one season, he missed back in 2008 with a torn ACL, Brady has stayed remarkably healthy. The only games he has missed since then have been the four he was suspended for to start the 2016 season.