Patriots video: Tom Brady stars in Super Bowl 54 Hulu commercial
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Video: Tom Brady claims he’s ‘not going anywhere’ in Super Bowl 54 Hulu commercial

Tom Brady, Patriots

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has gotten really good at social media in recent years. That includes making sports twitter collectively hold its breath.

On the Thursday before the Super Bowl, Brady posted a cryptic picture on Twitter.

That tweet caused a major stir. Was this Brady announcing his retirement? Could it be his way of saying he was leaving the New England Patriots and going to another team? The optimistic New England fans were hoping this was Brady showing everyone he was staying.

Then there were the people that thought it was all a joke. It was clearly a setup for a Super Bowl ad. He was getting everyone talking but never actually announced anything, so this was certainly a possibility, right?

Well, it turns out that’s exactly what that tweet was. It was not Brady announcing anything with his football career.

Actually, it was just a picture for a commercial. A Hulu commercial during the Super Bowl to be specific.

Classic comedy right there. It references the tweet, and the first half of the commercial sounds an awful lot like a retirement announcement. Brady switches gears and turns it into a Hulu commercial pretty quickly though.

He did, however, say something that might get fans thinking again. Towards the end, the New England legend declares “I’m not going anywhere.”

Could that just be part of the commercial? Or is Brady telling the world that he’s sticking with the Patriots? Or maybe at least announcing he’s still playing football.

Honestly, that’s probably looking way too much into the commercial. No reason not to wonder if that has a second meaning though. It makes this whole thing that much more fun at least.

I mean, if we’re all going to speculate what a cryptic tweet means, why can’t we do the same with a weird saying at the end of a Super Bowl commercial.

Your move, Brady.

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