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Video: Things heat up between Paul Millsap and Markieff Morris over free-throw line mishap

Markieff Morris, Paul Millsap

There seems to be no love lost between Atlanta Hawks forward Paul Millsap and Washington Wizards big man Markieff Morris, who went right at each other in a very tight Game 1 since the very start.

Morris sparked the rivalry between the two when he took exception to being called a “stretch-four,” but didn’t consider it a sin to use on Millsap.

“That’s not my game,” Morris told J. Michael of CSN Mid-Atlantic prior to the game. “That’s what the game is now. I just shoot threes. I added it to my game. I feel like that’s soft, too, stretch? What the hell is that?”

“They don’t say stretch-four when they name the lineups. They say power forward, right? So how can I be labeled a stretch-four? You say stretch four to Millsap. You say power forward to me.”

Two of the feistiest players in this series have gone back-and-forth, hustling for loose balls and heavily contesting each other’s shots — making this for a very entertaining matchup.

The tension between the two came to a head in the most unlikely of places — the free-throw line — when Morris had hit foot on the line before his attempt and Millsap took it upon himself to call it out.

The two exchanged words as both teams headed into their respective locker rooms, giving a rather uneventful 4-vs-5 first-round matchup a much more interesting storyline to keep track of.

Morris had the last laugh as the Wizards came away with the opening game win, 114-107.

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