The “Payday Twitter Man” revealed a few details about Payday 3, including its release date, engine, price, and more.

The details come just a week after the teaser went live. Although the developers already announced the game’s development before, it wasn’t until this month that we got the teaser, as well as more details about the game. The Payday Twitter Man, as fans have taken to calling him, tweeted some key details about the upcoming game. These details came in the form of seven tweets, each in a Question and Answer format. We’ll be going through these seven tweets for the details.

First off, let’s begin with the release date. As with the teaser, we still only have a 2023 release date. They did mention though that “at a later time”, they will announce the exact date. Next is the game’s engine. Payday 3 will be using the Unreal Engine. We’re not sure if they’ll be using Unreal Engine 4 or 5, as last we heard they were making the game using Unreal Engine 4. Nevertheless, this is good as it opens up many possibilities for the game. This brings us to another of their points, which is platform availability. Payday 3 will be available on various platforms, specifically PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Thanks to the game using Unreal Engine, the developers assured players that the console and PC versions of the game “are the same game.”

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They also revealed some details about the game’s setting, starting with the characters. The original Payday gang will be making a return to Payday 3. This includes Dallas, Chains, Hoxton, and Wolf. As for where the game will take place, they revealed that it will be in New York. Other than that, we also have the summary on the game’s Steam page. It explained that something forced the gang out of their early retirement, something they need to take care of.

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Someone also asked how much the game would cost on release. Payday Twitter Man answered this by saying that they have not confirmed it yet and that more info will come later. They then ended this series of informational tweets by stating that details not included in the tweets will be revealed as the game approaches release.

That’s all the details we have about Payday 3’s release date, engine, price, and more. You can check out our article on Payday 3’s release date to learn more about the game. Otherwise, you can check out our gaming news articles.