Pelicans news: DeMarcus Cousins says referees haven't improved on their treatment of him
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Pelicans news: DeMarcus Cousins says referees haven’t improved on their treatment of him

DeMarcus Cousins

As among the preeminent bad boys of the NBA, New Orleans Pelicans center DeMarcus Cousins has a mile-long list of run-ins with the game’s rule enforcers. That’s not expected to change, as he continues to make it public just how much he detests the league’s referees.

Russ Bengston of Complex recently had a sit-down talk with the All-Star big man and after a number of exchanges, Cousins was asked if the referees have become more fair to him over the years. To that, Boogie only had a crisp two-word retort:

“Hell no.”

Cousins’ temperament was among the frequent topics in the media back in his Sacramento Kings days and the issue has seemingly followed him to New Orleans. Bengston even implied to Cousins that he’s got a shot at breaking Rasheed Wallace’s record for most career technical fouls.

“That is a good thing about it. And I’m not really trying to either, so let’s get that out there.”

Cousins led the league in each of the last two seasons in technical fouls. He had 18 last season and 17 the previous campaign.