Pelicans video: Anthony Davis' dribble move sends Myles Turner to the floor
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Video: Anthony Davis floors Myles Turner with a not-so-flashy dribble

anthony davis

New Orleans Pelicans big man Anthony Davis showed off a glimpse of his dribbling moves with an ankle breaker on Myles Turner.

In a clip posted by Bleacher Report, Davis made a little in-and-out move which made Turner drop to the floor in their game against the Indiana Pacers.

It would’ve made a much better highlight if Davis went off for the finish immediately instead of passing it to his teammate.

Big men like Davis are not known for such ankle breakers. Most players of his kind take advantage of their strength and heft, not necessarily of their speed and skill in dribbling the ball. It shows that Davis is certainly a special player. He moves gracefully like a guard would but also has the capacity to unleash brute strength like a forward.

The brisk moves he displays for his size is not a surprise to those who have followed him even before the NBA. As reported by Dave Telep of ESPN in an article from way back in 2010,  Davis was a 6-foot-3 point guard for his high school team back in 2009, dribbling the ball up the court, executing the plays, and passing to his teammates. It was at this juncture of his life that he honed his dribbling and passing ability. Then came the growth spurts: from 6-foot-3 he grew to 6-foot-5, then to 6-foot-8, and now, he’s listed at 6-foot-10.

Davis said back then:

“It was really weird. My mom was buying clothes for me and then they were too small,” he said. Davis went from a size 14 shoe to 17. “Right now I’m still growing; it’s still weird.”

Though he admitted it was a bit strange, he still acknowledges the gift he has been given:

“It makes the game a whole lot easier,” he said. “Rebounding, blocking shots and shooting over guys. If you’re 6-3, when you go in the hole you’re going over guys and getting your shot blocked. When you’re 6-10, you can go up and dunk on someone. To also have the ability to shoot the ball, I’d rather be 6-10.”