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Pelicans’ David Griffin says Zion Williamson has same draw in hotel lobbies as LeBron James did with Cavs

David Griffin, Zion Williamson, LeBron James

New Orleans Pelicans prized rookie Zion Williamson has often been compared to Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James in the past. This definitely seems to be the case for Pelicans executive vice president of basketball operations David Griffin.

According to Griffin, who himself was a first-hand witness to the rise of LeBron James during the former’s time as the Cleveland Cavaliers’ general manager, Zion’s popularity at this point in his career already seems to be at par with that of LeBron’s.

“I think most of the people who recognized him might have been the staff as much as anyone else,” said Griffin, per Jeff Duncan of The Athletic. “But I think that’s what’s amazing is I was with LeBron in Cleveland during the height of his popularity, and Zion has that same draw in hotel lobbies. When we were in summer league, we had to have security with him front and back. It’s a mob scene.”

The Pelicans team executive event went on to say that in his mind, Williamson has a more approachable aura to him, which is mainly what draws the crowds by the dozens.

“And I think people are more comfortable warming to him because he’s so much younger, but he also just has this really magnetic personality and draw that’s truly unique.”

That’s at least one thing LeBron and Zion have in common. In a few months’ time we should be able to see how the highly-touted youngster actually compares to the great LeBron James on the basketball court once Williamson finally makes his much-awaited NBA debut.