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Pelicans’ Josh Hart found out Lakers dealt him in Anthony Davis trade on Twitter

Josh Hart, Anthony Davis, Pelicans, Lakers

New Orleans Pelicans swingman Josh Hart revealed he found out he was being traded by the Los Angeles Lakers as part of a deal for Anthony Davis through Twitter.

The former Lakers bench cog knew his team was trying to trade for Davis, as he and most of the young core were almost shipped to The Big Easy prior to the trade deadline. Yet he couldn’t have seen this one coming the way he did.

H/T Robby Kalland of Uproxx Sports:

“I find out, really, over Twitter,” Hart said during his own podcast: Lightharted. “My agent’s calling me and right before I pick up my phone, all I hear is in the background my brother just say, ‘aw, f*ck.’ I’m like, what is going on? I’m playing video games. I’m chilling. So I pick up the phone like, yo waddup. ‘Yo dawg, I think you’ve been traded.’ What, huh? You think? What do you mean you think? ‘I’ll call you back.’

“So I go on Twitter and I see it like, ‘OK, that’s interesting.’ Like you said, with players and all that, the biggest thing is just the communication aspect of it. For a lot of players, if stuff happens, then it is what it is and we’ll handle it the best way we can handle it. All you have to do is let me know this is a possibility. Don’t let me find out over Twitter.”

There is hardly ever a fortunate time for a player to find out he has been traded, unless it is the player who is demanding a trade. Hart happened to be part of a bundle that included Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball and draft pick compensation in return for Davis, who is now at last paired with LeBron James.

Sometimes Twitter is a much faster news source than your own agent, it seems.