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Pelicans’ Josh Hart on why he likes podcasting: ‘We just like talking s**t’

New Orleans Pelicans guard Josh Hart is one of the latest NBA players to jump in on the podcast bandwagon. Recently, the 24-year-old launched his own program entitled “LightHarted Podcast.”

When asked about his motivation for starting up his own commentary show, Hart jokingly admitted that it is primarily about his love for talking smack:

“I could say something philosophical about controlling my brand or something like that, but the honest truth is that we just like talking s**t,” he said, via William Guillory of The Athletic.

All jokes aside, Hart explained that in his mind, he sees this as a potential stepping stone toward a job in sports broadcasting once he calls it a career in the NBA:

“Once my career is over, I can go to ESPN or FOX or one of these channels, and when they ask, ‘Do you have any experience?’ I don’t want to be the guy that feels like he’s starting from scratch,” he said. “But even if my career is over in two years, I can go to them and say, ‘Look at all these podcasts I’ve done and look at all these people I’ve talked to.”

Entering just his third season in the league, Josh Hart is definitely already looking far ahead in the future. This young man has quite a vision, and it’s impressive how he seems to have already figured things out for himself at this point in his career.