New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson made headlines recently by announcing he is going to have a child. However, he now seems to be in hot water, as adult star Moriah Mills called him out on Twitter for allegedly seeing her at the same time as the mother of his child in a now-deleted tweet.

Moriah Mills fired off a series of tweets on Wednesday morning detailing her experience with Zion Williamson, and the Pelicans forward can't be excited about what she had to say. There is no saying what is factual and what isn't in this situation, but Williamson is undoubtedly not happy with these being the headlines after a much more wholesome announcement about his child.

It has been par for the course in the early years of Zion Williamson's career for headlines to be about him off of the court. Although most of those headlines have been about Williamson's inability to stay healthy and help the Pelicans, the New Orleans brass can't be too pleased that their young star can't seem to make basketball a priority just yet.

Of course, this is a large claim, as there is no telling whether or not Moriah Mills is telling the truth. In the end, it is unfortunate that the personal life of Williamson is being put on a pedestal, and hopefully everything gets resolved soon for his sake.

Zion could be a generational player for the Pelicans and New Orleans fans are still waiting for the player they were promised. The best outcome from this situation is that all sides are heard and apologized to and Williamson can get back to focusing on the game and his soon to be newborn as soon as possible.