Zion Williamson's stepfather, Anderson Lee, came to the defense of his son amid all the social media gossips involving the New Orleans Pelicans star.

While Lee refused to directly address all the rumors, he showed his support to Williamson and told all the fans and critics to not quickly believe everything they hear and see. Zion's stepfather made the comments during the announcement of the partnership between the Pelicans forward and the Jefferson Parish Schools.

“That's my son and I love him… Believe half of what you see and nothing you hear… I stand by my son 100 percent,” Lee declared, via ClutchPoints Twitter.

Anderson Lee's comments appeared to be in response to the allegations made by multiple women against Zion Williamson.

For those not in the know, after Williamson announced that he's having a baby with his partner named Ahkeema, porn star Moriah Mills dropped some nasty comments about the oft-injured Pelicans superstar. Mills blasted Zion for getting a “thot preggers” while they were still dating. The adult film star went on to call Williamson a “sex addict.”

Another woman named Yami Taylor added fuel to all the drama after she claimed that she also had a relationship with Williamson at the same time as the other women he's allegedly involved with. She called Williamson a “nasty sex addict” before slamming the NBA scorer for playing with her.

“Why didn't I get my Bentayga and my Richard Mille last summer? [Zion Williamson] because I don't let you record me? I never gave you a threesome or never had an OnlyFans or was on PornHub, so I guess I was all play. I probably never had a chance you nast a*s sex addict,” Taylor wrote on her Instagram Stories before posting what was seemingly a naked photo of Zion in bed–which could only be assumed as her proof of their relationship.

Williamson has yet to really address the allegations, though his stepfather has seemingly refuted all the talks.