Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Showcase is reportedly scheduled for May 2024. Like the other showcases before it, this year Sony will announce its upcoming plans such as new games, console updates, and other PS-related content. With the showcase rapidly approaching, rumors are now spreading like wildfire regarding what fans should expect. One of these rumors involves a PlayStation classic being remade – this time for MediEvil.

Rumors Suggest PlayStation Classic MediEvil will be at the Showcase

Back in 2019, the PlayStation Classic MediEvil got a remake and got OG fans loving the nostalgia. Players rediscovered the game with its updated graphics and optimized gameplay. Despite the game having a mediocre rating from reviewers, the fanbase loved it regardless. As a result, many wondered if the sequel would ever get the same treatment as its predecessor.

Fast forward to the present day, it appears that a MediEvil 2 might be in the works and could appear at the PlayStation Showcase. The rumor originated from prominent playtester Orangee. They are mostly known for leaking details regarding Gravity Rush projects.

In the past, the playtester spread rumors about a Gravity Rush movie in development. Sony discussed and confirmed the project at their CES 2024 press conference, which proved Orangee’s leaks accurate. Having that in mind, they have some credibility in their name and could once again be on the money regarding MediEvil’s sequel.

Orangee claims that the same team who developed the first remake will handle MediEvil 2. The leaker posted on a Discord server that Other Ocean Interactive has been working on the sequel’s remake since 2021. However, they failed to provide any documentation regarding this information. Readers should take this with a grain of salt.

Is a MediEvil 2 Remake Possible?

Nevertheless, the idea of MediEvil 2 launching sometime this year isn’t as farfetched as it sounds. We’ve seen many PS1 classics, including their sequels, get the remake or reboot treatment in the past. One good example would be the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Once considered Sony’s mascot, Beenox and Toys For Bob masterfully brought back the orange marsupial.

Then there are other games like the Spyro Reignited Trilogy and Final Fantasy VII Remake just to name a few. Having that in mind, a remake of the sequel makes a lot of sense, especially considering how it has been half a decade since the first remake’s release.

Will there be a PlayStation Showcase?

While we’re not entirely sure MediEvil 2 is happening, Sony is yet to confirm its reportedly upcoming PlayStation Showcase. However, prominent gaming insider Jeff Grub hinted that a Showcase event could take place this coming May.

Earlier this month, Grubb predicted that Silent Hill 2 might play a role in the upcoming showcase. With Silent Hill: Ascension scheduled to wrap up by May, rumors speculate that a new game could come to the surface.

Everything is a blur at this point. All we can do right now is wait for any official announcements made by Sony. In the meantime, PlayStation fans can look forward to the launch of upcoming titles such as Top Spin 2k25, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, and Tales of Kenzera: Zau.