Starting from a storm of drama based on an initiated hate raid, JiDion and Pokimane suddenly released a picture of them eating burgers chilling out. Popular streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys and content creator Jidon “JiDion” Adams teased a surprise collaboration. People can ask them there questions that will be answered on their next content release. This was done to prevent any more hate coming to Pokimane's way that's still continuing up to this point.

Last January 13, Pokimane ended her stream early due to JiDion's order of starting a hate raid towards the streamer. The fans began to spam in her chat, bothering also her viewers on his orders. The drama escalated to massive heights due to them being open on their social media, also in their streams. JiDion got permanently banned from Twitch eventually due to the hate raid started. Pokimane got legal threats from a massive streamer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, and his wife Jessica Blevins. Ninja told JiDion that he contacted his Twitch rep to help with JiDion's ban situation. Pokimane was confused by the action of Ninja since it feels like he was supporting the hate.  

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JiDion has already apologized after a few days and made an effort to ask his community to stop the harassment and hate against Pokimane. This however was not enough to quell the harassment on Poki. We saw how Poki's mods and herself had to deal with bans and unban requests. She also fought back on some viewers' comments that caught her attention. Now, Pokimane and JiDion is collaborating, after the month of hate raid that was orchestrated by the latter, to put an end to this.

Fellow streamer Valkyrae also said that this was the smartest thing they could do to end the drama. Valkyrae talked to Pokimane about the collaboration as a stroke of genius that would make everything better, except for the Ninja situation. If JiDion joins Poki and OTV's content, people will see that both parties involving the big Twitch drama that happened January is done. This will hopefully unite their fans into thinking that they are really cool with each other, so there's no point in continuing the hate. It would definitely be exciting what they could produce, as OTV is a content giant in the streaming industry.

Jidion also took it to Instagram live to explain what the release on his Twitter could actually mean, having Poki in it. He states having questions by fans would be answered in his next video around three to five weeks. He wants to end the conflict made, stating “If there's a disagreement with a person, it can always be mended”. Pokimane also commented on the post JiDion made in Twitter. She made a humor jab on JiDion's statement before about his Twitch ban last January. 

Both parties have not confirmed on answering fans' questions that JiDion stated in his Instagram live. This made both of their fans confused as they had a big drama that people thought wouldn't be mended anymore. Their last words to each other was to have a better future ahead of them. They learned lessons from the incident, and one saying an apology to the other. Poki would most likely announce further information on the collaboration after her new stream platform announcement. We'll have to wait for what collaboration both content creators would do after their whole drama series ending.