Raiders video: Team's new stadium in Las Vegas coming along quickly
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Raiders’ new stadium in Las Vegas is coming along quickly


The Oakland Raiders’ move to Las Vegas is quickly becoming a reality as the 2019 season is coming to an end for the Raiders. All of the facilities that the Raiders will use in Sin City are being finished, and one of those structures that are being finished is the new stadium they will be playing in.

Fox Sports shared a video of the stadium that’s being constructed. From the looks of things, the Raiders will have a beautiful place to call home next year.

The sleek and futuristic exterior makes the Raiders’ new stomping grounds a nice place to visit even if it isn’t for football purposes. It will definitely become a destination for locals and tourists to go to for games, concerts, other events.

One of the biggest observations made about the structure is how it looks like a spaceship from Star Wars. With The Rise of the Skywalker taking over much of the media’s attention, it wasn’t hard for people to connect the dots and compare the new stadium to the Death Star.

The locale also does a lot to help sell the image: Anakin Skywalker, who would eventually become Darth Vader, was born in Tattoine, a desert planet. Las Vegas is a city located in the desert. Star Wars nerds would have a field day with the stadium.

The stadium, officially named as Allegiant Stadium, will be able to house 65,000 Raiders fans to games. It also features a natural retractable field and openable walls that will feature the Vegas skyline. Besides the Raiders, the stadium will host the Las Vegas Bowl beginning in 2020 and the PAC-12 Football Championship Game in 2020 and 2021.