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Raptors GM shuts down talk that Kyle Lowry doesn’t want to live in Toronto

kyle lowry

The drama surrounding Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry is just beginning. Lowry is evaluating his options expressing to management he would opt out of his contract during the team’s exit meeting.

Speculations have already begun about the 31-year-old point guard looking to sign with other teams such as the Philadelphia 76ers. Raptors team president Masai Ujiri is already fed up with the rumors and decided to shut down the speculations early.

Ujiri spoke with TSN’s Overdrive saying the current sources are not credible and shouldn’t be trusted.

“All I say is, our job is to bring back this player – if that is what’s supposed to happen or we to happen – and convince them to come back here. It’s our job. It’s my job to do it. I don’t listen to any VP of basketball operations from … where the hell is he getting his information from? Or, you know what, why don’t you put a name to it? Why does it have to be a source or something? It’s the same sources that said DeMar (DeRozan) wants to go to the Lakers, DeMar wants to do this, he wants to do that. Every year, same old Kyle stuff from two-to-three years ago, it’s the same old thing.”

There was no guarantee or assurance about Lowry’s plans from Ujiri himself, but he does believe the star point guard will heavily weigh his ties to the city before making his decision.

“I think Kyle loves it here. I think his wife loves it here. I think his kids are doing excellent in school. Kyle is here for the next five weeks, or since after the season it will be five weeks. People are always going to speculate and say all these things. That’s what this kind of thing brings.”

Ujiri’s expectation is to have Lowry back on the roster when the season starts although he did officially opt out of his current contract last week.

Lowry averaged 22.4 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 1.5 steals before missing the final 2 games of the Raptors postseason games due to injury.

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