Raptors news: Kawhi Leonard credits load management for NBA Finals run
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Raptors’ Kawhi Leonard credits load management for run to NBA Finals

Kawhi Leonard, Raptors

Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard says if he and the team didn’t manage his body throughout the regular season, he wouldn’t be playing in the NBA Finals right now.

Leonard played in 60 games during the regular season and missed 12 for “load management.” After only playing in nine games in 2017-18 with the San Antonio Spurs due to a lingering quadriceps injury, the Raptors wanted to be cautious with Leonard during the regular season and it paid off in a big way.

Leonard is currently dealing with tendinitis in his left knee. A report from The Athletic said Leonard’s left knee has been acting up because he had to favor it to compensate for his right quad ailment.

The Raptors are hoping they can win the next two games and wrap up the Finals quick so Leonard has a long offseason to rest.

Toronto has clearly gotten on the good side of Leonard. The three-time All-Star obviously appreciates the Raptors looking out for his long-term health after everything that happened last season with the Spurs.

If Leonard re-signs with the Raptors this season, the “load management” route will clearly have been one of the main reasons why. At this point in his career, Leonard is looking to build trust with an organization.