The Toronto Raptors' newest rookie, Scottie Barnes, has captivated the hearts of Raptors fans around the globe. His energy and presence breathes new life into an organization that is looking to start anew with a new cast of players.

If any Raptors fans were still salty they didn't pick Jalen Suggs, this latest letter penned by Barnes is sure to change their mind. Scottie Barnes, through the Players' Tribune, expressed his excitement to play for the Raptors, in the most Scottie Barnes way possible. (via The Players Tribune)

“I remember walking into the green room… and some people from the front office were waiting for me. We were shaking hands, and making introductions, and I was so excited I could barely get the words out. But there was one main thing that I really wanted to get across about myself: I’m ready to work. Not ease into it, not half-do things or make excuses because I’m one of the new guys… I’m ready to grind. I’m ready to WIN. And I could tell that the feeling was definitely mutual.”

If there's one word that could be used to describe Barnes, it would be “crazy”. Not in the literal sense, but rather, he's crazy for winning. Raptors president Masai Ujiri had pointed out that in his interview with the rookie, Barnes said “win” or “winning” around 30 times or so. That's the kind of attitude you need from a rookie entering the league. That hungry for winning mentality also helps a rebuilding team form their identity.

The Raptors are hoping that Barnes, OG Anunoby, and Pascal Siakam can form a deadly defensive trio to build upon. The front office has only one goal: to win. Based off of Scottie Barnes' words, looks like Raptors fans don't need to worry about his commitment to the team.