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Rumor: Raptors want to keep Kawhi Leonard’s physical results private

Kawhi Leonard’s health concerns were a major part of his decision to demand a trade from San Antonio. Leonard’s camp felt that the Spurs mishandled the situation. The Toronto Raptors are doing everything they can to ensure they don’t repeat those mistakes.

According to Josh Lewenberg of TSN Sports, the Raptors plan to keep the results of Leonard’s physical and all other medical information private. They hope to build trust with the superstar, and this is a great way to start off.

Leonard’s in Toronto on what is essentially a one-year rental. If they have any hope of retaining the superstar, they need to establish trust early in the relationship and throughout the season.

Leonard was once viewed as the heir apparent to Tim Duncan in San Antonio, but somewhere along the way, the relationship between the decorated franchise and the San Diego State product deteriorated.

Toronto’s decision to keep Kawhi’s medical information private and not require the superstar to hold an introductory press conference are excellent building blocks for establishing trust and making him feel comfortable over the border.

Lewenberg also points out that the trade is final and has been for days. This isn’t a case where a failed physical could nix the trade; it’s long past that point.

The expectation is that Leonard returns to action fully healthy at the start of the season. Whether or not he’s the same player he was in 2016-17, and prior when he won an NBA Finals MVP award at 22 years of age, remains to be seen.