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Video: Raptors’ Marc Gasol not informed about pre-game rituals

Marc Gasol

In his first game in Toronto, Marc Gasol had no clue that his new team performed a pre-game ritual. Moments before their game against the Brooklyn Nets, the Raptors without hesitation — entered their pre-game ritual. Gasol, whom they acquired via trade just days earlier, didn’t seem to receive a memo regarding his new team’s ritual.

Check out the clip below posted by TSN.

It may be a bit painful to see Gasol just standing around while his teammates are having fun pumping themselves up before tip-off. But Raptors fans need not to worry. Sooner or later, Lowry and company will definitely teach Gasol how the ritual goes. For now, he may need to just learn by observation.

Prior to his home debut, Gasol shared what’s it been like with the Raptors — just his second team in his 10-year career. Per Dave Zarum of Sportsnet, the 34-year-old said that the Raptors’ playstyle helps him adjust rather easily.

“It’s basketball at the end of the day,” says Gasol. “I like to communicate, to share the ball. It’s going to get better with time, I’m going to get more comfortable out there and a better rhythm in my shot and my legs. It’s all positive. [The Raptors’] approach — how they share the ball and how unselfish guys are — helps me get adjusted as well.”

From the looks of it, Gasol seems a perfect fit. Although he may take some time to absorb that seemingly complicated pre-game ritual.