Ravens news: Baltimore expected to have interest in Antonio Brown
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Ravens expected to have interest in acquiring Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown

The Pittsburgh Steelers officially expressed their interest in trading wide receiver Antonio Brown this offseason. It seems the Baltimore Ravens are among the number of team’s interested.

It is safe to assume that trading Brown will garner a huge return for the Steelers. According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the Ravens are a longshot to acquire his services:

Team sources said that while they expect the Ravens, Browns and Patriots to have significant interest in Brown as well, there is virtually no chance they would deal him to such a rival.

This is certainly an intriguing development regarding Brown. AFC rivals such as the Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots are well-aware Pittsburgh is not looking to make their teams better. It is safe to assume they will have to offer quite a bountiful package of picks in order to get the Steelers to even consider making the deal. Even then, it would still be a bit of a longshot for each of these teams.

There is plenty of speculation regarding what a player of Brown’s caliber could garner on the market. Wide receivers are considered a premium asset in today’s pass-happy NFL. The Dallas Cowboys gave up a first-rounder in exchange for wide receiver Amari Cooper and the move paid huge dividends for them.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles traded a third-rounder for wide receiver Golden Tate, despite his free agent status in the offseason. Although Brown will be 31 when the 2019 NFL season starts, he is still far more talented than both the aforementioned players which should drive up the team’s asking price.