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Ray Allen fires back at Area 21 Celtics teammates with Facebook post

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Amid the Monday night 2007-08 Boston Celtics reunion with former centerpiece of the team and now-TNT-analyst Kevin Garnett in his segment Area 21, an ostracized Ray Allen was ready to land the last punch after all was said and done.

The long-tenured sharpshooter posted this photo on his Facebook page during Monday night’s segment, clearly noting the beef between him and the team is nowhere near over.

Allen left for the Miami Heat in 2012-13 after being a Celtic for five seasons along with the remaining core of the team. His departure had greatly upset the team, who often pretend he wasn’t even part of the equation to begin with — hence his non-invite to the segment.

Center Kendrick Perkins took it upon himself to address the situation after the Golden State Warriors vs. Utah Jazz series had come to a close, stating it would be ultimately up to Allen to make amends and that they couldn’t stay mad at each other forever.

“I just feel like, it ain’t what Ray did, it’s how he did it,” said Perkins during the segment, per ESPN’s Chris Forsberg. “We did form a family. We all shed tears together, talked about some of the deepest things — I’m talking about outside of basketball that the world don’t know about. If you felt like you wanted to go that way and [sign with a rival], I just think he could have handled it a different way.”

“Who going to break the ice? At this point and time, I don’t think it’s on nobody on here to break the ice,” said Perkins. “I actually think it’s on Ray to break the ice. If Ray wants to make amends with anybody up here or whatever the case, I think it’s on him to reach out and say, ‘Hey [Pierce], I handled this wrong. Man, we better than this. Hey Ticket, I handled this wrong. Hey Big Baby, I handled this wrong, or hey, Rondo, I handled this wrong, man.’ Just get it past this, man. We won games together, man. We did a lot of things.”

While all the Celtics invited seemed bothered by the unexpectedness of it and the complete lack of communication, Perkins’ thoughts about breaking the ice, while welcoming; also express a thought of them being in the right and Allen being in the wrong — ultimately putting it completely on him to mend fences.

By the look of Allen’s Facebook post, those fences won’t be mended yet for a while.

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