Riot has recently launched Set 6.5 Neon Nights in the PBE server for Teamfight Tactics. Two new champions are released in the set and we are excited for both of them. League of Legends’ Renata  Glasc makes her way to Teamfight Tactics roster along with Arcane’s very own Silco. Riot has previously confirmed on Silco’s appearance before as one of the new champions joining TFT exclusively. Along with Silco is Alistar and Corki’s first appearance as well to the Riot game title. Renata Glasc now has her own first official appearance before releasing the champion to League. 

Renata will be a four cost champion in TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights with Chemtech and Scholar as her traits. Her ultimate is called Toxic Wave where she releases a wave of poison towards the largest group of enemies. Toxic Wave affected enemies are poisoned for 15 seconds, as well as have their attack speed reduced by 25%. The damage taken per second scales on 70/100/300 depending on her upgrade in the PBE release. Knowing this, her favorite item would most likely be Morellonomicon since she affects a lot of enemies doing dps, disabling all their healing. This can still be subject to change since PBE will be its testing ground for a nerf or buff in TFT. Besides this, she already has mana of 40/80 so casting Toxic Wave ahead of time is possible with Blue Buff and Spear of Shojin. 

Silco on the other hand is a five cost champion in TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights who gives out serums to his allies with his ult, Unstable Concoction. As seen in the hit Netflix series Arcane, Silco also gives out serums that make his allies powerful. The ult gives allies 50% max health to the lowest health ally, along with 100/150/666% scaling attack speed, and immunity to crowd control for eight seconds. After the unit survives eight seconds, it will explode dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. His traits are Scholar and Mastermind, which gives out two units directly in front of him a portion of their max mana. Silco will also ult early since he has a starting mana of 0/40. He will really empower an ally early, and if strategized well, your lowest health can be your carry. 

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*Images via Riot Games

Here are their portraits when they are in the shop when playing TFT. All of us are excited when they are released during patch 12.4. They will be joining the TFT roster in Set 6.5 Neon Nights on February 16, 2022.