The Philadelphia 76ers have stepped up and become the first NBA team to complete a sponsorship deal for their jerseys. The 76ers will be teaming up with StubHub to place a small StubHub logo on the upper left hand side of all 76ers' jerseys starting with the 2017-18 season.

StubHub is a website where ticket owners can resell their tickets for any event, including many NBA games. When asked about the deal StubHub president, Scott Cutler, had this to say:

“We're so tightly associated with the event-going experience that it was natural for us to move aggressively and chase this opportunity.” He also went on to address the fact that the 76ers are, and have been for awhile, the worst team in the NBA. “Their current spot in the standings is largely irrelevant to us because we're in this for the long term,” Culter declared.

This is not the first time StubHub and the 76ers have worked together for a sponsorship deal. StubHub also had their ad on the 76ers D-League team's jersey last season.

Every NBA will be required to get an ad deal on their jersey and they can make a deal with any corporation that they chose. The NBA is not the first major United States league to put ads on their jerseys; Major League Soccer also does it and has much success. Reports are saying that in the first three years of the ad deal the NBA has in place they could possibly earn as much as $500 million.

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