The Boston Celtics already made headlines with one huge trade leading up to the NBA Draft, but that might not be the last time they do so.

The Celtics have agreed on a trade with the Philadelphia 76ers that will likely become official on Monday to swap the first and third picks of this Draft and for the Celtics to also acquire a few more picks from the 76ers in future drafts.

Philly seems all-in on Markelle Fultz and moving up to No. 1 guarantees them him while the Celtics had their reservations about Fultz, are already stocked at guard and may have their eyes set on an even bigger prize.

Anthony Davis is a target of the Celtics, according to Chris Mannix of The Vertical.

Boston made the deal … for what? A cleaner shot at Josh Jackson or Jayson Tatum, two players who play the same position as last year’s first-rounder, Jaylen Brown, who was selected No. 3 overall? A chance to hoodwink Jackson-starved Sacramento into flipping the fifth and 10th pick for No. 3?

Is a blockbuster, player-heavy deal in the offing? As of now, league sources told The Vertical that isn’t the case. Boston – everyone, really – would love to get its hands on Anthony Davis. But Davis is tied to a manageable contract through 2021, and the Pelicans appear committed to giving the Davis-DeMarcus Cousins pairing a full season together.

Mannix writes that Davis is more likely the superstar the Celtics can purse rather than someone like Jimmy Butler or Paul George.

It's unclear what it would take for the Pelicans — who made waves midseason with a trade for DeMarcus Cousins — to pull the trigger sending Davis to Boston. The third pick in this Draft, plus any number of the other picks Boston has stockpiled would be a start.

The Celtics, having finished with the top record in the Eastern Conference this past season, are certainly looking to win now while the Pelicans may be starting to understand that a complete overhaul is necessary and Davis may be the only asset at their disposal to start accumulating the pieces needed to right the ship.

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, develops on this front. If the Celtics are indeed looking to make another move after backing down to No. 3 or if they will be content taking a player like Jackson or Tatum in that spot.