The start of the NBA draft is rapidly approaching, and trade rumors are running hot.

The Boston Celtics and their number three overall pick have been commonly discussed, but a new potential trade partner has just been cited.

The Milwaukee Bucks, who've been discussed mostly with regards to their hope to move big man Greg Monroe, are actually in the running for Boston's third selection in the draft.

From the Racine Jorunal Times:

According to sources, the Bucks and Celtics are still exploring a potential deal that would send Middleton to the Celtics. Middleton, who can also play small forward, is coming off a breakthrough season. He averaged 18.2 points and 3.8 rebounds. He is a top-flight shooter, connecting on 40 percent of his treys last season.

One of the trade scenarios, a source said, is packaging Middleton with veteran center Greg Monroe, whom the Bucks have been seriously shopping. It is known the Celtics have had interest in Monroe for a long time.

Getty Images
Getty Images

At the end of the day, a deal may be possible, but the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has stated that it's “not likely.”

In the previous trade talks surrounding Monroe, Middleton was listed as one of their untouchable players, and for good reason. His size, athleticism, length, and ability to rain in three's makes him a tough player for the Bucks to justify trading, especially for the unknown of Kris Dunn, who would likely be taken by Milwaukee if the trade is made. And, he's relatively young.

The clock's ticking before the draft begins, but this potential deal may have already expired.

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