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Report says Russell Westbrook fouled twice in final minutes vs. Hawks

russell westbrook

Russell Westbrook screamed as loud he could to be heard over the boisterous crowd.

“You’re standing right there! Blow the f—ing whistle!”

On a potential game-winning shot his shot was seemingly blocked, but he felt there was indeed a foul.

The official standing near never blew his whistle and the Thunder lost the game to the Atlanta Hawks 110-108.

Steven Adams tried to put back the rebound before time expired but did so unsuccessfully.

Two free throws would have sent the game into overtime and another chance to win the game.

Instead, Westbrook’s 46 points, 11 rebounds, and seven assists was a wasted effort.

Coach Billy Donovan says he believes it was a foul and would review the tape later on.

“From my view, I thought he got fouled on the 3 and I thought he got fouled on the drive to the basket. I’ll go back and watch the film and I could be mistaken, but obviously I thought both those calls were right there in front of me.”

That was the same exact thing the league office did as a part of their policy Last Two Minute report policy.

Officially released today, the report shows that Westbrook was indeed fouled on the play, but that doesn’t change anything.

Overall the acknowledgment is just a first step for the league in making the officiating better.

You can see the play in question below and determine if you think it was a foul in real-time.



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