RoboSquad Revolution Launches Free-to-Play Open Beta on PC

Dive into the Open Beta of RoboSquad Revolution, a unique third-person shooter by Zollpa, now available for free on PC.

RoboSquad Revolution 'Open Beta Now Available!'

In the latest development, indie gaming studio Zollpa has announced the launch of the Open Beta for their new game, RoboSquad Revolution. This eagerly awaited online third-person shooter is now available for free on major PC gaming platforms, including the Epic Games Store and Steam, offering players a unique and entertaining experience.

Set in a humorously exaggerated, post-AI dystopian world, RoboSquad Revolution plunges players into an environment where autonomous robots, named Zorans, are in a fierce battle for freedom. This fight is set against a backdrop of a world dominated by intelligent police and military forces, adding depth and intrigue to the game’s storyline. The narrative of RoboSquad Revolution is infused with satirical commentary on modern-day events, enhanced by the unexpected inclusion of figures like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk as playable holographic special-attack characters. This creative touch adds a layer of humor and novelty to the gameplay.

RoboSquad Revolution is engineered for dynamic online play, supporting up to 16 players in intense player-versus-player (PvP) matches. The game is specifically designed to offer a thrilling and enjoyable experience, appealing to a broad spectrum of gamers through its engaging content and interactive gameplay.

Developed using the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5, the game is notable for its outstanding graphics, realistic physics, and fluid play mechanics. Throughout its Early Access stage, RoboSquad Revolution has garnered a community of passionate players. Their continuous feedback has been crucial in refining and improving the game. Collaborative efforts with well-known brands like XSET, a frontrunner in the gaming lifestyle domain, have further enhanced the game by introducing exclusive in-game content, events, and partnerships with influencers. There are ongoing plans to continue developing and enriching the game through the year 2024.

Aaron Jacobson, CEO of Zollpa, expressed his enthusiasm for the game, noting its unique, visually engaging, and humorous elements. “Gamers are seeking novel experiences, and RoboSquad offers an array of features distinct from other shooters in the market,” said Jacobson. The development team is dedicated to maintaining the game’s appeal to a wide range of gamers, from casual players to more competitive ones.

While RoboSquad Revolution is currently available on PC, there are extensive plans to expand its availability to other platforms such as mobile and consoles by 2024. The game is also set to feature a series of collaborations with celebrities, introducing new in-game assets and playable characters inspired by each celebrity partner.

Daniel Budzinski, Chairman of Zollpa, outlined the studio’s ambitious vision for RoboSquad Revolution. “Our goal with RoboSquad is to challenge and transform the conventional norms of player and creator engagement in the gaming industry, offering a fresh perspective on the concept of gaming experience ownership,” Budzinski elaborated. The studio is determined to keep pace with emerging technologies, hinting at a future rich with innovation and advancement for the game.


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