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Rockets video: James Harden lobs a pass to Chris Paul for the two-handed dunk in charity game

Houston Rockets guards James Harden and Chris Paul have yet to play an NBA game together as teammates, but that isn’t stopping them from bringing the entertainment in Harden’s charity game.

This particular exhibition game also hosted other NBA stars such as DeMar DeRozan, John Wall, and Clint Capela to donate proceeds towards creating scholarship and internship opportunities for disadvantaged people in Houston.

The duo took to the court Sunday afternoon to put on a show and they did not disappoint the fans as they were pulling off tricks normally not shown off during NBA game day competitions.

In fact, Chris Paul raised a few eyebrows just a few days ago by throwing down an alley-oop slam with a pass thrown by his son. The normally-grounded point guard did it again in Sunday’s game when Harden threw a lob pass to Paul who effortlessly dunked it down with two hands before pulling himself up on the rim, which would grant him a tech in the NBA, but not here.

If this is an indication of things to come, there should be no problem between the two ball-handlers feeding off of each other, where some have questioned if they can coexist due to both being ball-dominant players.

Chris Paul and James Harden have played in multiple All-Star games and even together for Team USA, where they won a gold medal in 2012 in London.

Led by Mike D’Antoni, who encourages high-scoring games, the Rockets will have plenty of work ahead of them but should have no problem racking up assists with two of the best passers in the league as the team captains.