Everyone knew it was going to happen, but just didn't know when. It's finally happened. After almost a week of players arriving into the Walt Disney World bubble, the first player, Houston Rockets forward Bruno Caboclo, has finally broken quarantine. It was not a deliberate break, however.

According to sources speaking with Tim MacMahon, Zach Lowe, Malika Andrews and Tim Bontemps, Houston Rockets' forward Bruno Caboclo inadvertently broke the quarantine and now must quarantine for an extra eight days before resuming team activities.

According to the source, Caboclo was unaware he was not allowed to leave his room during the initial quarantine period when he arrived, in spite of the fact that the league informed all personnel of the protocol:

“He should’ve known,” the source said. “It was no secret.”

This is the first break in quarantine, whether accidental or not, but it more than likely won't be the last.

With still a few weeks before the start of the season, it is not as important for players to be careful right now as it would be in a week or so, but this may be a cautionary tale for teams to make sure all players and staff are made aware of the protocols and what personnel are and aren't allowed to do within the bubble.

Some have speculated on the possibility of players trying to “escape” the bubble to go do things, especially after players posted images complaining about the food served within the bubble.

There is reportedly a “snitch hotline” for personnel to inform NBA staff of a breach in quarantine, but according to league sources it has not been used yet:

It’s been six days since the first batch of teams arrived on the Walt Disney campus and league sources tell Yahoo Sports that the “snitch hotline” has not been utilized…yet.

With how things are going in the bubble, it may only just be a matter of time.