After being hit by two strong hurricanes over the past week, donations have been coming in non-stop for the victims in Houston and Florida. NBA players are also doing their part in making sure they share their blessings, and have also raised awareness via their social media accounts.

Now, the NBPA follows suit, as its president, Chris Paul, announced recently that they will match any donation a player will make up to $20,000. This is their way of extending help, and also make it known that they have the victims’ best welfare as their top priority.

Despite all the pledges and volunteer work, the areas severely damaged by Harvey and Irma are still in need of basic necessities, as many of their residents were left with nothing. From homes, to vehicles, and even their loved ones, they were all lost when the hurricanes struck.

If there’s any silver lining from the calamities that happened, it has brought a lot of people united, and there have been millions of generous ones who did not hesitate to share their blessings to the less fortunate. The NBPA now joins them, and they are also hopeful that their act will pave the way for many others to also offer what they can for the victims.