New Houston Rockets center DeMarcus Cousins is certainly no stranger to dealing with drama within an NBA franchise. However, it appears that the growing discontent between his superstar teammate James Harden and the Rockets franchise has gotten to his head a bit.

Boogie sent out a couple of intriguingly cryptic tweets on Christmas Eve. Is this in relation to the ongoing James Harden trade saga with the Rockets? You be the judge.

DeMarcus Cousins, of course, did not specifically specify the reason behind his latest irritation. Still, it does coincide with the latest rumors about Harden's camp expanding their preferred trade destinations from the Rockets.

As things stand, the Rockets are set to take on the Portland Trail Blazers, one of Harden's latest preferred teams, in their 2020-21 NBA regular-season opener on Monday. It remains unclear if The Beard will play, although he will be eligible to do so after finishing his quarantine period. Houston was supposed to take on the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday, but the game was postponed after Harden's blatant COVID-19 protocol violation. He was also recently fined $25,000 by the league.

Boogie, on the other hand, looks to prove himself big time this season following a debilitating battle with injuries in recent years. The 4-time All-Star center certainly doesn't want the distractions, but couldn't help but get sucked in the ongoing Harden soap opera. Cousins has looked good in H-Town so far in the preseason. He also has been sending out cryptic post-game interviews, which seemed more like a direct message for the disgruntled Rockets superstar.

This is just the latest plot twist which has enveloped the Rockets. A tidal wave of controversies, dramas and abrupt turns has crashed down upon an organization which has changed its head coach, its general manager, and portions of its roster in 2020. What's next? No one seems to know… including DeMarcus Cousins.