Behind every great team is a bunch of players making sacrifices. The Houston Rockets are touted to make it all the way to the Western Conference come playoff time and even have a good chance of beating the Golden State Warriors. And 3-point assassin Eric Gordon is one of the key players of the squad who has made significant sacrifices for the team.

Gordon was projected to be a star in the NBA coming out of in Indiana. He proved to be a gifted scorer since stepping into the league. Yet, as his career progressed, from logging in a career-high 22.3 points a night in his third year, the former seventh overall pick's average dwindled to 13.4 points per game in his seventh year. On top of his decline in performance, he was not part of a winning team.

However, his move to the Rockets seemed to have revived his career. Last year, he took home the Sixth Man of the Year Award.

Yet at Houston, he seems to have found a home and is enjoying his backup role.

As reported by Jonathan Feigen of

“I like it that way,” Gordon said of his role as the fill-in point guard. “It expands my game more. To me, it's tougher to determine what I'm going to do when I have the ball in my hands more. If you're a good playmaker and a good scorer and you have the ball in your hands more, you have a chance to do good things. I do pretty well when I'm the backup point guard.

Head coach Mike D'Antoni praised Gordon for his contribution to the team:

“It's good,” Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni said. “I thought he played very well the other night. Whenever he's called to do that, he's done a good job. We also have the luxury of having Luc. And then Joe Johnson can handle that, too. But Eric's been playing great in whatever role we ask him.”