A fan offered a conspiracy theory involving Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul of the Houston Rockets.

According to Redditor u/Clippersfanboy, it seemed the Anthony planned his move to Houston all along. To recall, Anthony opted into his $27.9 million contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

According to the fan, Anthony opted in despite knowing that the Thunder would eventually waive him. This allowed him to keep the money, take a pay cut, but still live comfortably and get a legitimate shot at winning a title.

The reason Carmelo tanked his trade value was because he could then sign with the Rockets in the offseason knowing that the Thunder would waive him. He also needed guaranteed money in order for this pay cut to the Rockets. So, he waived his no trade clause, guaranteeing him guaranteed money for the rest of his life. Now, the Rockets will have a Harden in his prime, A CP3 close to the end of his prime, and an Olympic Melo who will thrive in Houston.

Though there's no tangible proof that Anthony orchestrated these events perfectly, it's still an interesting proposition. It's still a question if Anthony would thrive alongside James Harden and Paul or even in Mike D'Antoni's system. Will he come off the bench? Will he have an active role on offense? It's still a matter of wait and see.