Houston Rockets superstar James Harden dropped a jaw-dropping 58 points in a 121-118 win against the Miami Heat on Thursday night. Following his team's defeat, Miami great Dwyane Wade admitted that he had more than a difficult time trying to stop Harden on the evening.

While Wade was not Harden's primary defender on Thursday, the two did still match up a number of times during the contest. Moreover, Wade has gone to battle against Harden countless times in the past, and based on his recent remarks, it is clear that the former considers the latter to be the greatest offensive players of all time.

Along with his 58 points, Harden also notched eight three pointers, seven rebounds, 10 assists, four steals, and a block. His aggressiveness and unmatched ability to draw fouls was also a problem for the Heat, as the reigning MVP went a perfect 18-of-18 from the line.

For his part, Wade dialed it back a bit following his game-winning performance against the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday. The 37-year-old shooting guard logged 12 points (on 6-of-15 shooting), three rebounds, an assist, a steal, and two turnovers in 26 minutes of play.

Wade is no longer the unstoppable force he once was during his heyday, but in his prime, he definitely would have rivaled the offensive firepower of Harden. Wade's farewell season is nearing its conclusion, and soon, we will need to say goodbye to one of the greatest shooting guards of all time.