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Rockets’ P.J. Tucker doesn’t want to be a signature athlete, claims he will turn down offer of own shoe


Houston Rockets forward P.J. Tucker might be a sneaker hoarder, but he has no interest in actually having a signature shoe. He prefers to have flexibility in what he can wear.

The 34-year-old sat down with Jarrel Harris of Sports Illustrated regarding his impending sneaker free agency and why he does not are about rocking the same pair of kicks every game:

JH: A lot of kids growing up who want to play in the NBA mention they want their own signature sneaker. Why is that something you don’t want?

PJ: I don’t want my own shoe. That is something I have never wanted. If anybody is pitching that, I would say no. I feel like that is the only thing that limits me, being a signature athlete, because you have to wear your signature shoe all of the time. I don’t want no parts of that. What makes me standout is the versatility to be able to do everything.

Tucker is one of the most renowned collectors in the shoe industry. Members of The Undefeated took a look inside his closet in February, where they found just about every brand imaginable.

The Rockets could not care less as to what pair of shoes Tucker decides to wear, so long as he can keep shining in his role as an undersized power forward.

Tucker has excelled for Houston due to his physical frame and ability to shoot the ball, and he is one of the better rebounding “small” guys in basketball.