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Rockets’ Russell Westbrook stands by taunt on Patrick Beverley despite earning technical foul


Russell Westbrook has no regrets about his decision to taunt Patrick Beverley with a goodbye wave, as the latter was getting ejected from the game. The Houston Rockets star got a technical foul for his troubles, but that bit of pocket change was no obstacle for the pleasure of mocking one of his nemesis.

Westbrook wasn’t happy about receiving the technical foul, but looking in retrospect, would have done it all over again to have the pleasure of seeing his longtime rival leave the court in the most unflattering of ways.

Westbrook had no time for apologies or regrets, noting technical fouls would come either way.

The bad blood between these two runs deep. Not long ago, Westbrook argued Beverley wasn’t the defender he claims to be, considering his backcourt partner James Harden was able to hang a 47-point performance on the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Clips had their revenge the next time they met, surviving in a 122-119 victory. Yet Westbrook finally had his moment, hanging a season-high 40 points on Beverley and company as his Rockets took a 2-1 lead in the series.

This might just be relevant come playoff time, as the Rockets will challenge for one of the top four spots in the West and could very well use a tiebreaker to get them a peg above the Clippers, who sit second in the Western Conference standings.

There won’t be a shortage of bad blood between these two point guards when they meet again, though they will have to wait until Mar. 5 to settle who got the best of who in this series.