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Report: Rockets have made no decision whether they will rest James Harden, Russell Westbrook entire games next season

Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Rockets

The Houston Rockets reportedly have made no decision whether they will rest James Harden and Russell Westbrook entire games next season, according to Tom Haberstroh of NBC Sports.

Rockets general manager Daryl Morey said last month the franchise will have a flexible plan to rest Harden, Westbrook and other key veterans next season.

Last month, Houston GM Daryl Morey made headlines when he responded to a question about load management on “The Dan Patrick Show,” saying the team will have “a very put together plan by our staff throughout the season to have our guys peak in April.”

But sources told NBC Sports that no decision has been made to rest James Harden and Russell Westbrook entire games. Neither Westbrook or Harden have gone that route before, but it must be noted that Harden will enter his 30s, joining the 31-year-old Westbrook, later this month.

Russell Westbrook is coming off two offseason surgeries, one on his knee and the other on his finger. The former MVP says he’s 100 percent and ready to go for next season.

James Harden was third in the league last season in minutes per game. Westbrook was fourth. The Rockets want Harden and Westbrook to be fresh and peak in the playoffs so Houston can win the championship.

All signs point toward the Rockets staggering Westbrook and Harden. Obviously, the two MVPs will finish games together, but by deploying the staggering method, the Rockets will always have one superstar on the court running the offense, while the other one is getting to rest on the bench.