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Sackboy: A Big Adventure is the next PS5 exclusive on PC

Sackboy a Big Adventure Steam PC

Sackboy: A Big Adventure appears to be the next PS5 and PS4 exclusive that will be arriving on Steam PC in the coming days.

Sackboy appears to be appearing on PC via Steam sooner than later, as more hints point towards its eventual release. Sackboy has been rumored to be headed to Steam for quite a time now since a Steamdb entry for the game appeared back in October 2021. That Steamdb entry recently received an update that makes people think that the game is arriving on Steam soon. On September 20, 2022, the Steamdb entry received a new icon, a picture of Sackboy from one of Sackboy: A Big Adventure’s key artworks from its marketing materials.

This seemingly small update was first spotted by VGC, but something as small as this could mean big implications for the game. After all, this all but confirms that the Steamdb entry is for Sackboy, and the fact that the image used for its icon came from an official marketing material of Sackboy: A Big Adventure confirms that the Sackboy game we’re dealing with is the Sackboy game that released alongside the PlayStation 5, not a port of an older game or a stand-alone spin-off.

PS4 and PS5 exclusive games coming to Steam on PC isn’t a surprise anymore these days, not after games like Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Spider-Man, and Days Gone found their way on the popular game storefront over time. The fact that Sony has its publisher page on Steam (which in fact is currently running a Publisher Sale on Steam right now) means that Sony has all intentions to bring even more of its formerly-exclusive games to the PC. This is, of course, for the better good, as amazing games deserve to be accessible on more platforms to maximize their reach. Sackboy: A Big Adventure appears to be the next contributor to this movement.