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Wizards, Scott Brooks, Bradley Beal

Scott Brooks is on hot seat and so is Bradley Beal’s future with Wizards

The Washington Wizards made a huge trade when they acquired Russell Westbrook for John Wall. The Wizards had hoped Westbrook would help them improve enough to make the playoffs, but that hope is diminishing after an 0-4 start featuring multiple fourth-quarter meltdowns and an ugly loss to the Chicago Bulls.

On the daily Locked On Wizards podcast, host Ben Mehic reacts to the Wizards’ 0-4 start and explains why Scott Brooks is on the hot seat, while Bradley Beal’s future in Washington is also tied to his job:

Ben Mehic: Scott Brooks in particular doesn’t have time because he’s on the final season of his contract, and the requirement for him to continue on as the Washington Wizards head coach is pretty clear. They need to, at minimum, make the playoffs, and right now they do not look like a playoff team. There’s a sense of urgency beyond Scott Brooks, which Scott Brooks is tied into, of course, if they’re not winning games then Bradley Beal is going to say see you guys. That clock is ticking a lot faster than Scott Brooks’ clock, because if this team continues to lose and they don’t become a competitive basketball team, at least looking like they’re going to make the playoffs by the midway point in the season, then Bradley Beal has no incentive to stick around. Then two, Scott Brooks, in all likelihood, would be a goner by that point. I don’t remember off the top of my head, but when has a coach gotten fired midseason and that team gone on to make the playoffs? It usually doesn’t happen if your coach is getting fired, it’s because the team is very bad and you’re not making the playoffs, right? Then there’s a snowball effect. Then what do you do with Russ?