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Seahawks’ Michael Bennett, Patriots’ Martellus Bennett roast numerous NFL players

michael and martellus bennett

In professional sports, we’re accustomed to hearing the same generic answers and sound bites from players across the board. As young athletes are brought up, they’re trained to avoid controversy with their words.

As a result, dull interviews that lack real substance are quite common in locker rooms.

However, there are some players who refuse to give in to the system. They’re not afraid to speak their mind and be themselves, and it’s refreshing.

Michael and Martellus Bennett fit into this category. The brothers have extensive lives away from football, and they haven’t let the game change who they are. They have strong opinions, and they have no problem expressing them when the time arises.

Michael, a pass rushing force of nature for the Seattle Seahawks, is known to be quite outspoken, but his brother Martellus, now with the New England Patriots, is quite similar, even if he hasn’t received the same kind of notoriety for his comments (both have made Pro Bowls).

In a recent interview with Mina Kimes of ESPN The Magazine, Michael and Martellus lived up their boisterous natures by roasting various quarterbacks, coaches, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and other famous players.

Their thoughts on Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler, from Kimes:

“Worst quarterback in the NFL,” [Michael] says.

“I’d be open and he’d throw into double coverage,” says Martellus, who spent the past three seasons as Cutler’s teammate in Chicago.

It gets better.

On Jeff Fisher:

Martellus: “If a QB went 7 — 9, he’d never be able to find a job.”

Michael: “Make sure he’s in the NFC West.”

Eli Manning:

Martellus: “Eli? He’s cool. He’s like a normal white guy you see at the park trying to teach his kids how to play soccer and you know he can’t really play soccer himself.”

Pete Carroll:

Martellus: “Joel Osteen.”

Michael: “Tom Cruise. I feel like Pete Carroll is like Benjamin Button. He doesn’t want to get old. He’s getting younger every year. What is going on?”

Martellus: “That’s what money does.”

J.J. Watt:

Michael: “Dominant player.”

Martellus: “Corny. Half of the NFL is corny, though.”

Michael: “People love J.J. Watt, but they don’t really like J.J. Watt, know what I’m saying?”

Tom Brady:

Martellus: “The silver fox you never get to see but you hear about. You only get to take one photo, and you have to stay outside for a year just to get it.”

Brock Osweiler:

Michael: “I’ve got more sacks than he’s got touchdowns.” (This is accurate.)

Martellus: “I’ve caught more balls than he’s completed.” (Also accurate.)

Roger Goodell:

Michael: “A–hole. Nah, I’m just joking — you can’t say that. Overpaid.”

Jason Witten:

Martellus: “I hated Jason Witten. I appreciated his game, but I always hated him.”

Sam Bradford:

(Both smirk.)

Michael: “The greatest quarterback in the NFL.”

Martellus: “Vicious. Competitive.”

Michael: “A real Joe Montana.”

Cam Newton:

Michael: “Probably the quarterback I like to hit the most.”

No matter what you think of these comments, you have to appreciate their honesty and sense of humor.

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