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Sergio Ramos' net worth in 2020

Sergio Ramos’ net worth in 2020

Today we take a look at Sergio Ramos’ net worth in 2020, and exactly how he grew his bank account throughout his illustrious career.

Real Madrid is undeniably one of the biggest football clubs in the entire planet. This team has a rich history that dates back more than a century. One of the most prominent players on the side over the past decade or so is none other than club captain Sergio Ramos. The feisty center back has become a permanent fixture in the side since joining Madrid in 2005, and throughout that period, he has amassed quite a considerable fortune.

Sergio Ramos’ net worth in 2020 (estimate): $80 million

Celebrity Net Worth lists Ramos with an estimated net worth of $80 million as of 2020. Here is the story of how the Spanish national became not only one of the biggest names in world football, but also, one of the wealthiest ever.

Ramos started his football career at a very young age. He joined Spanish club Sevilla as a youngster, signing for the club’s youth team. He quickly rose the ranks and made his senior team debut in 2004 at the age of 18.

It was not long before he caught the eye of some of the biggest clubs not only in Spain, but throughout Europe as well. He had established himself as one of the most promising young defenders in international football. Ultimately, after just one year with Sevilla’s senior squad, Ramos signed with Real Madrid in 2005. At that time, Madrid paid Sevilla $31.7 million to purchase the rights to Ramos.

Ramos’ star continues to rise in Madrid, winning trophy after trophy, while also securing his spot as one of the best central defenders in the whole world. Ramos signed his first contract extension with the club in 2011, which was followed by another, more lucrative long-term extension in 2015. Details of his salary were not revealed, but he had definitely become one of the highest-paid members of the squad. He also took over as the club’s captain on a permanent basis.

He was up for another extension by 2017, and this time around, his new deal was reportedly worth $15.5 million per season. Needless to say, Ramos’ bank account was already looking really good at this point.

In 2020, after much talk and rumors about him potentially parting ways with Madrid, Ramos signed a one-year extension with the team. There were reports that Ramos was pushing for a long-term extension, which is against the club’s policy of signing players above 30 years of age to deals longer than one year. In the end, it was the club that prevailed, and Ramos put pen to paper on a short-term extension that will have him in Madrid until at least 2022.

There were whispers that there was a big-money offer for Ramos to play in China, but ultimately, he still opted to remain loyal with his long-time club. Then again, it’s not as if he’s earning pennies on the dollar at Madrid.

Aside from his $6.5 million mansion in Madrid (a property that he purchased in 2015, and has since increased in value), Ramos also has other real estate investments. He reportedly owns two other homes in Spain which is estimated to be worth $10 million combined.

Ramos also loves his cars. In his garage you will see a handful of luxury vehicles from some of the top car manufacturers in the world including Bentley, Audi, Porsche, and Range Rover. The value of his car collection is estimated to be at $3.5 million.

Big-money endorsement deals just come naturally for the top footballers in the world, and Ramos is no exception. Some of his most prominent sponsors include Nike, Gatorade, Pepsi, and Hugo Boss. He is estimated to be earning $3 million per year on sponsorship deals.

For Ramos, its not all about sitting on his laurels. The Spanish national has already invested a significant portion of his fortune to various corporate business ventures. As early as 2004, Ramos established Sermos 32 SL, which serves as a parent company for a number of subsidiaries. This includes Ramos’ venture into real estate, including the company Gestora Mediterránea de Infraestructuras, which is in the business of public and private infrastructure. Another one of his subsidiaries, Fomento del Ahorro Familiar Altozano Servicios, reportedly owns several properties amounting to an total estimate of $22 million.

Ramos is also a proud owner of a horse ranch, with has an inventory of no less than 70 Andalusian horses. He is also involved in the business of livestock, forestry, and fisheries through his company, Albis Inversiones, which estimated to be worth $12 million.

As of writing, Raomos’ total investments spread across several industries are estimated to be in the $30 million range.

Nonetheless, were you surprised by Sergio Ramos’ net worth in 2020?