Shaquille O'Neal‘s son, Shareef, just finished his sophomore year of high school, but his dad is already looking ahead to where he'll play college hoops.

Shaq, a four-time NBA champion and MVP, went to LSU before leaving for the NBA. Shareef, a 6'8″ power forward, has already received a number of scholarship offers, including one from his dad's alma mater.

However, Shaquille actually wants his son to “create his own path.”

Shareef's comments on the matter, from Sean Scherer of 247Sports:

“My dad actually wants me to lean towards Kentucky,” O'Neal told Sean Scherer of 247Sports.

“He has a good friendship with the coach there. I know a lot about that school because a lot of kids dream about going there. I like their style of play.”

Shareef has reduced his list of schools down to three: Kentucky, Duke, and Michigan State, all of which are very prestigious programs. He has received offers from Arizona, Baylor, California, Kansas State, UCLA, and USC as well.

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