When Shaquille O'Neal became a household name as he dominated the NBA, something else happened: a lot of parents started to name their kids Shaq.

One of these young Shaqs was just drafted into the NFL by the Buffalo Bills: Shaq Lawson.

And Shaq is a fan of Shaq… O'Neal of Lawson that is.

O'Neal told The Buffalo News about how he became of fan of Lawson:

“I have Google alerts any time ‘Shaq' comes up. The past four or five years — I think I've ran into about 150 athletes named Shaq — Shaq Lawson kept coming up. So I've known who he was and been a fan of him. I'm most proud of him.”

Left: Getty Images; Right: James P. McCoy/Buffalo News

Lawson played defensive end at Clemson University, and is the sixth “Shaq” born between 1992 and 1994 to make the NFL.